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Chart showing examples of significant oppositions and their interpretations

Here’s a chart showing examples of significant planetary oppositions and their interpretations:

OppositionPlanets InvolvedInterpretation
Sun-MoonSun and MoonBalancing expansion and growth (Jupiter) with sudden change and unpredictability (Uranus), the tension between freedom and stability.
Mercury-JupiterMercury and JupiterBalancing detail-oriented thinking (Mercury) with big-picture perspective (Jupiter), potential for overthinking or information overload.
Mars-VenusMars and VenusThe conflict between assertion (Mars) and harmony (Venus), the tension between personal desires, and compromising in relationships.
Venus-SaturnVenus and SaturnStruggle between love and responsibility, difficulties in finding a balance between emotional needs and practical considerations.
Jupiter-UranusJupiter and UranusThe conflict between analytical thinking (Mercury) and sudden insights and unconventional ideas (Uranus), tension between tradition and change.
Saturn-NeptuneSaturn and NeptuneBalancing ego and self-assertion (Sun) with assertive action and drive (Mars), the potential for power struggles or conflicts of will.
Sun-MarsSun and MarsThe conflict between structure and boundaries (Saturn) and dreams and illusions (Neptune), is a struggle to find grounding in spirituality.
Moon-PlutoMoon and PlutoEmotional intensity (Moon) and deep transformation (Pluto), potential for inner power struggles or emotional upheaval.
Mercury-UranusMercury and UranusBalancing romantic idealism (Venus) with the need for realistic boundaries (Neptune), the potential for confusion or disillusionment in love.
Venus-NeptuneVenus and NeptuneStriving for personal drive and ambition (Mars) while embracing growth and expansion (Jupiter), the tension between patience and impulsiveness.
Mars-JupiterMars and JupiterThe conflict between structure and tradition (Saturn) and sudden change and rebellion (Uranus), potential for societal or personal tension.
Saturn-UranusSaturn and UranusThe conflict between analytical thinking (Mercury) and sudden insights and unconventional ideas (Uranus), the tension between tradition and change.

Please note that the interpretations provided above are general in nature and the actual influence of opposition in an individual’s birth chart can vary depending on the specific planets involved, their house placement, and aspects from other planets. It’s important to consider the complete birth chart for a comprehensive understanding of the impact of an opposition.


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