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Chart showing the zodiac signs and Venus’s placements and corresponding influences

Here’s a chart showing the zodiac signs and Venus’s placements along with their corresponding influences:

Zodiac SignVenus’s PlacementCorresponding Influences
AriesVenus in AriesPassionate love, assertiveness, adventurousness, independence
TaurusVenus in TaurusSensuality, stability, material comforts, loyalty
GeminiVenus in GeminiCommunication, intellectual connection, versatility
CancerVenus in CancerEmotional nurturing, domesticity, empathy, sensitivity
LeoVenus in LeoRomance, creativity, self-expression, generosity
VirgoVenus in VirgoPractical love, attention to detail, helpfulness
LibraVenus in LibraHarmony, partnership, diplomacy, aesthetic appreciation
ScorpioVenus in ScorpioIntensity, passion, deep emotional connections, magnetism
SagittariusVenus in SagittariusAdventure, exploration, philosophical love, freedom
CapricornVenus in CapricornAmbition, long-term commitment, stability, loyalty
AquariusVenus in AquariusUnconventional love, intellectual connection, friendship
PiscesVenus in PiscesRomantic idealism, compassion, sensitivity, artistic love

Please note that the influences mentioned above are general associations for Venus’s placement in each zodiac sign. The actual influences on an individual’s approach to love, relationships, aesthetics, and values will depend on their complete birth chart and the interactions between different planets and placements. Additionally, the house placement of Venus in the birth chart can further refine its influences in specific areas of life, such as romance, finances, or personal values.


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