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Explanation of the benefic and malefic nature of planets.

In Vedic astrology, planets are categorized as either benefic or malefic based on their inherent nature and influences on individuals’ lives. Understanding the benefic and malefic nature of planets helps in assessing their overall impact and determining their effects on different areas of life. Here’s an explanation of these categories:

Benefic Planets:

  1. Jupiter (Guru): Jupiter is considered the most benefic planet. It signifies wisdom, knowledge, growth, and spirituality. Its influence is generally positive and brings expansion, abundance, and blessings in the associated areas of life.
  2. Venus (Shukra): Venus is another benefic planet associated with love, relationships, beauty, and creativity. Its influence is harmonious and brings joy, romance, artistic inclinations, and a sense of harmony.
  3. Mercury (Budha): Mercury is also considered a benefic planet, representing intellect, communication, and learning. Its influence is analytical, and adaptable, and helps in developing intellectual abilities, communication skills, and business acumen.

Malefic Planets:

  1. Mars (Mangal): Mars is considered a malefic planet due to its fiery and aggressive nature. It can bring challenges, conflicts, and impulsiveness if not well-placed or influenced. However, it also represents courage, energy, and determination.
  2. Saturn (Shani): Saturn is a planet with both benefic and malefic qualities. Its malefic nature is associated with delays, hardships, and limitations. However, Saturn also teaches valuable life lessons, instills discipline, and helps in spiritual growth through perseverance.
  3. Rahu (North Lunar Node) and Ketu (South Lunar Node): Rahu and Ketu are shadowy planets considered malefic. They bring karmic influences, challenges, and transformative experiences. However, their effects can vary based on their placement and aspects with other planets.

It’s important to note that the classification of planets as benefic or malefic is not absolute and depends on various factors such as their placement in the birth chart, their relationships with other planets, and their overall impact on an individual’s life. An experienced Vedic astrologer considers these factors to provide accurate and nuanced interpretations.

PlanetExaltation SignExaltation Degree RangeDebilitation SignDebilitation Degree RangeMoolatrikona SignMoolatrikona Degree Range
SunAries0° – 10°Libra0° – 10°Leo0° – 20°
MoonTaurus3° – 27°Scorpio3° – 27°Cancer4° – 20°
MarsCapricorn28° – 30°Cancer28° – 30°Aries0° – 12°
MercuryVirgo15° – 20°Pisces15° – 20°Gemini16° – 20°
JupiterCancer5° – 15°Capricorn5° – 15°Sagittarius0° – 10°
VenusPisces27° – 30°Virgo27° – 30°Libra0° – 15°
SaturnLibra20° – 30°Aries20° – 30°Aquarius0° – 20°
RahuTaurus20° – 30°Scorpio20° – 30°Aquarius0° – 20°
KetuScorpio20° – 30°Taurus20° – 30°Scorpio0° – 20°

Ultimately, the goal is to understand and balance the energies of all planets, benefic or malefic, to harness their positive influences and navigate any challenges effectively for personal growth and well-being.


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