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Secrets of Planet Rahu’s Karkatva in Vedic Astrology, How It Influences Your Life and Health

In the mysterious world of Vedic astrology, the shadowy planet Rahu, also known as the North Node of the Moon, casts its intriguing influence upon our lives. Join us as we journey into the enigmatic realm of Rahu’s Karkatva, the various life domains it governs, and the potential health implications according to this ancient wisdom.

“Rahu’s Karkatva weaves a tapestry of multifaceted aspects, each shrouded in its own unique qualities and influences.” Obsessions and Desires Rahu symbolizes obsessions, desires, and the pursuit of material gains.

It governs our attachments to worldly pursuits. Ambition and Aspirations This planet is closely tied to ambition, aspirations, and the yearning to achieve great heights in our chosen endeavors.

Eccentricity and Unconventionality Rahu’s energy embodies eccentricity, unconventional thinking, and the willingness to break free from societal norms. Innovation and Technology Rahu governs innovation, technology, and the fascination with cutting-edge advancements that push boundaries.

Spiritual Transformation Rahu’s influence extends to spiritual transformation, pushing us to explore deeper layers of our spiritual self.


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