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Chart showing examples of significant conjunctions and their interpretations

Here’s a chart showing examples of significant planetary conjunctions and their interpretations:

ConjunctionPlanets InvolvedInterpretation
Sun-MoonSun and MoonEnergy combined with enthusiasm, courage, and a drive for expansion, taking risks, and pursuing ambitious goals with determination.
Mercury-VenusMercury and VenusArtistic expression, harmonious communication, charm, appreciation of beauty, intellectual and creative pursuits.
Mars-JupiterMars and JupiterTransformation, intense focus on long-term goals, personal power, and authority, deep inner work and self-discovery, major life changes and rebirth.
Venus-SaturnVenus and SaturnInnovative thinking, sudden opportunities for growth and expansion, embracing change, breaking free from limitations, and exploring new horizons.
Jupiter-UranusJupiter and UranusSeeking stability and commitment in relationships, cultivating mature and responsible love, and a practical approach to aesthetic and financial matters.
Saturn-PlutoSaturn and PlutoAssertiveness, willpower, taking action, leadership qualities, self-confidence, drive for success, and personal achievement.
Sun-MarsSun and MarsHeightened emotional sensitivity, imagination, intuitive abilities, psychic insights, artistic and creative expression, empathy, and compassion.
Moon-NeptuneMoon and NeptuneUnconventional thinking, sudden insights and flashes of genius, intellectual innovation, communication through technology, and new forms of media.
Mercury-UranusMercury and UranusRomantic idealism, spiritual connection in relationships, creative inspiration, empathy, and a desire for transcendent love and harmony.
Venus-NeptuneVenus and NeptuneRomantic idealism, spiritual connection in relationships, creative inspiration, empathy, a desire for transcendent love and harmony.
Mars-PlutoMars and PlutoIntense drive, power struggles, transformative action, assertion of personal power, deep passion, uncovering hidden desires and motivations.

Please note that the interpretations provided above are general in nature and the actual influence of a conjunction in an individual’s birth chart can vary depending on the specific planets involved, their house placement, and aspects from other planets. It’s important to consider the complete birth chart for a comprehensive understanding of the impact of conjunction.


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