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Chart showing the zodiac signs and Mars’s placements and corresponding influences

Here’s a chart showing the zodiac signs and Mars’s placements along with their corresponding influences:

Zodiac SignMars’s PlacementCorresponding Influences
AriesMars in AriesEnergy, assertiveness, courage, leadership, passion, self-motivation
TaurusMars in TaurusDetermination, endurance, stability, sensuality, practicality
GeminiMars in GeminiMental agility, communication skills, versatility, intellectual drive
CancerMars in CancerEmotional energy, protectiveness, determination, intuition
LeoMars in LeoAssertiveness, self-expression, creativity, confidence
VirgoMars in VirgoDiplomacy, harmony, cooperative efforts, fairness, and social drive
LibraMars in LibraAn adventurous spirit, courage, enthusiasm, exploration, drive
ScorpioMars in ScorpioIntensity, passion, transformation, willpower, emotional strength
SagittariusMars in SagittariusAdventurous spirit, courage, enthusiasm, exploration, drive
CapricornMars in CapricornAmbition, discipline, responsibility, perseverance, practicality
AquariusMars in AquariusInnovation, independence, idealism, unconventional energy
PiscesMars in PiscesImagination, empathy, intuition, sensitivity, compassion

Please note that the influences mentioned above are general associations for Mars’s placement in each zodiac sign. The actual influences on an individual’s energy, assertiveness, drive, and style of taking action will depend on their complete birth chart and the interactions between different planets and placements. Additionally, the house placement of Mars in the birth chart can further refine its influences in specific areas of life, such as career, relationships, or personal ambitions.


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