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Chart showing the zodiac signs and Mercury’s placements and corresponding influences

Here’s a chart showing the zodiac signs and Mercury’s placements along with their corresponding influences:

Zodiac SignMercury’s PlacementCorresponding Influences
AriesMercury in AriesQuick thinking, assertive communication, pioneering ideas
TaurusMercury in TaurusPractical thinking, grounded communication, stability
GeminiMercury in GeminiVersatility, intellectual curiosity, effective communication
CancerMercury in CancerEmotional intelligence, intuition, sensitivity, nurturing
LeoMercury in LeoConfident expression, creative thinking, charismatic communication
VirgoMercury in VirgoAnalytical thinking, attention to detail, practicality
LibraMercury in LibraDiplomatic communication, harmony, fairness
ScorpioMercury in ScorpioDeep perception, investigative thinking, intense communication
SagittariusMercury in SagittariusPhilosophical thinking, expansive communication, optimism
CapricornMercury in CapricornStrategic thinking, practicality, ambition, disciplined speech
AquariusMercury in AquariusInnovative thinking, intellectual detachment, progressive ideas
PiscesMercury in PiscesIntuitive thinking, imagination, empathy, poetic expression

Please note that the influences mentioned above are general associations for Mercury’s placement in each zodiac sign. The actual influences on an individual’s thinking style, communication style, and learning abilities will depend on their complete birth chart and the interactions between different planets and placements. Additionally, the house placement of Mercury in the birth chart can further refine its influences in specific areas of life.


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