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Explanation of the concept of planetary periods (dashas) and sub-periods (bhuktis)

Lesson 5

In Vedic astrology, the concept of planetary periods, also known as doshas, is a key component in understanding the unfolding of one’s life journey. Dashas are time periods assigned to each planet based on their position in the birth chart. Each dasha represents a specific duration during which the influence of a particular planet becomes prominent in a person’s life.

The starting point of the Dasha sequence is determined by the position of the Moon at the time of birth. The Moon’s position signifies the beginning of a person’s life journey and sets the stage for subsequent dashas. The sequence of dashas follows a predefined order, with each period having a specific duration.

During a dasha, the planet that rules that particular period gains strength and prominence, exerting its influence on various aspects of life. The nature and significance of the planet determine the areas of life that are likely to be emphasized and experienced during that period. For example, the Sun dasha may bring focus to matters of self-expression, leadership, and personal power, while the Venus dasha may emphasize love, relationships, and creativity.

Within each dasha, there are sub-periods called bhuktis, which further refine the influence of the main dasha planet. Bhuktis are smaller time divisions within a dasha and represent the sub-influences of other planets during that period. The duration of bhuktis can vary, with each planet having its own sub-period sequence.

The Dasha and bhukti system allows astrologers to analyze and predict the unfolding of events and experiences in a person’s life. By studying the planetary periods and their interactions, astrologers can gain insights into the timing of significant life events, career opportunities, relationships, and other important aspects of one’s life journey.

It is important to note that the impact of dashas and bhuktis can vary depending on the overall strength and placement of the planets in the birth chart, as well as their relationship with other planets. Additionally, the individual’s conscious choices and actions also play a role in shaping the outcomes during these periods.

The Dasha and bhukti system in Vedic astrology provides a framework for understanding the cyclical nature of life and the dynamic interplay of planetary energies. It offers valuable insights into the timing of various life events and serves as a tool for self-reflection, personal growth, and making informed decisions based on planetary influences at a given time.


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