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Explanation of the sequence and duration of the planetary periods

In the Vimshottari Dasha System, the sequence and duration of the planetary periods are as follows:

  1. Ketu: 7 years – Ketu is associated with spirituality, detachment, and karmic influences.
  2. Venus: 20 years – Venus represents love, beauty, harmony, and material comforts.
  3. Sun: 6 years – The Sun symbolizes individuality, self-expression, leadership, and vitality.
  4. Moon: 10 years – The Moon represents emotions, nurturing, intuition, and the mind.
  5. Mars: 7 years – Mars signifies energy, action, ambition, courage, and assertiveness.
  6. Rahu: 18 years – Rahu is associated with desires, illusions, worldly pursuits, and material growth.
  7. Jupiter: 16 years – Jupiter represents wisdom, knowledge, expansion, spirituality, and good fortune.
  8. Saturn: 19 years – Saturn signifies discipline, responsibility, hard work, maturity, and life lessons.
  9. Mercury: 17 years – Mercury represents communication, intellect, learning, adaptability, and commerce.

The total duration of the Vimshottari Dasha cycle is 120 years, which corresponds to a complete lifetime. The starting point of the dasha sequence is determined by the placement of the Moon at birth, and each planet’s period follows the sequential order mentioned above.

Within each planetary period, there are sub-periods (bhuktis) assigned to the remaining planets in the sequence. The duration of the sub-periods varies and is proportionate to the overall length of the main dasha period. These sub-periods bring the influences of the respective planets into prominence during specific phases within the larger dasha period.

It’s important to note that the Vimshottari Dasha System is just one of several dasha systems used in Vedic astrology. Different systems may assign different durations to the planetary periods or follow alternative sequences based on different astrological principles and traditions.

The interpretation of planetary periods in the birth chart requires careful analysis and consideration of various factors, including the planetary positions, their strengths, and the specific significations of each planet. Consulting with an experienced Vedic astrologer can provide deeper insights and a more accurate understanding of the planetary periods and their influences in an individual’s life.


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