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Overview of the qualities and significations of each planet

Here’s an overview of the qualities and significations of each planet in Vedic astrology:

  1. Sun (Surya):
  • Qualities: Leadership, confidence, vitality, willpower
  • Significations: Soul, self-expression, authority, government, father, health, career
  1. Moon (Chandra):
  • Qualities: Emotions, intuition, nurturing
  • Significations: Mind, emotions, mother, home, nourishment, fertility, travel
  1. Mars (Mangal):
  • Qualities: Energy, courage, assertiveness
  • Significations: Action, passion, drive, physical strength, siblings, enemies, land
  1. Mercury (Budha):
  • Qualities: Intellect, communication, adaptability
  • Significations: Intellect, speech, learning, commerce, business, siblings, writing
  1. Jupiter (Guru):
  • Qualities: Wisdom, knowledge, expansion
  • Significations: Wisdom, spirituality, growth, abundance, education, luck, wealth
  1. Venus (Shukra):
  • Qualities: Love, beauty, harmony, artistic inclinations
  • Significations: Love, relationships, marriage, beauty, creativity, arts, luxury
  1. Saturn (Shani):
  • Qualities: Discipline, responsibility, maturity
  • Significations: Hard work, limitations, delays, lessons, karma, discipline, longevity
  1. Rahu (North Lunar Node):
  • Qualities: Ambition, desires, materialism
  • Significations: Ambition, obsession, desires, foreign travel, illusion, sudden changes
  1. Ketu (South Lunar Node):
  • Qualities: Spirituality, detachment, liberation
  • Significations: Spiritual growth, introspection, enlightenment, mysticism, past-life influences

Each planet carries its unique energies and influences different aspects of life. Their placements in the birth chart, aspects, and interactions with other planets determine the specific manifestations of their significations.

Studying the qualities and significations of each planet helps astrologers analyze and interpret various life areas, understand strengths and challenges, and offer guidance on how to navigate cosmic influences for personal growth and fulfillment.


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