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Chart for 27 Yoga and its auspiciousness of activities

Here’s a chart showing the 27 Panchang Yogas and their auspiciousness for activities:

YogaAuspicious Activities
VishkambhaStarting new ventures, important decisions, spiritual practices, travel
PritiMarriage, romance, social gatherings, creative pursuits, celebrations
AyushmanHealth-related activities, healing rituals, fitness endeavors, seeking blessings for well-being
SaubhagyaAuspicious ceremonies, starting new projects, seeking blessings for success and prosperity
ShobhanaPerforming rituals, artistic pursuits, beauty treatments, buying or wearing new clothes
AtigandaAvoid starting new projects or ventures, focus on spiritual practices, meditation, self-reflection
SukarmaStarting new ventures, performing ceremonies, acts of kindness, charity
DhritiDetermined efforts, perseverance, completion of long-term projects, steady progress
ShoolaCaution in activities, avoiding major decisions, focus on self-care, introspection
GandaAvoid starting new ventures, important decisions, focus on spiritual practices, self-reflection
VriddhiExpanding existing projects or ventures, seeking blessings for growth and prosperity
DhruvaLong-term commitments, stability, seeking blessings for steadfastness and success
VyaghataCaution in activities, avoiding conflicts or arguments, focus on spiritual practices, self-reflection
HarshanaCelebrations, social gatherings, joyous activities, creative pursuits, seeking blessings for happiness and success
VajraStrength, determination, stability, seeking blessings for protection and resilience
SiddhiAccomplishing goals, completing projects, seeking blessings for success and fulfillment
VyatipataCaution in activities, avoiding major decisions or risks, focus on spiritual practices, self-reflection
VariyanSeeking blessings for strength and protection, spiritual practices, self-reflection
ParighaOvercoming obstacles, breaking through limitations, seeking blessings for success and empowerment
ShivaSpiritual practices, meditation, seeking blessings for inner peace and enlightenment
SiddhaAccomplishments, success in endeavors, seeking blessings for fulfillment and achievement
SadhyaFulfillment of goals, successful outcomes, seeking blessings for prosperity and abundance
ShubhaAuspicious ceremonies, starting new ventures, seeking blessings for positive outcomes
ShuklaDevotional practices, seeking blessings for spiritual growth, purity of mind and heart
BrahmaIntellectual pursuits, seeking knowledge, studying scriptures, introspection
IndraLeadership, assertiveness, taking charge of situations, seeking blessings for success and power
VaidhritiAvoid starting new ventures or projects, focus on spiritual practices, self-reflection
PashuAnimal-related activities, care for pets or animals, agricultural endeavors, seeking blessings for abundance

Please note that the activities mentioned above are general interpretations, and the auspiciousness may vary based on individual beliefs, customs, and regional practices. It is advisable to consult with a knowledgeable astrologer or follow the guidance of your tradition for specific auspicious activities based on the Panchang Yoga.


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