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Chart for Var and its deity and its significance for religious observance

Here’s a chart showing the days of the week (Var), their ruling deities, and their significance for religious observances:

VarRuling DeitySignificance for Religious Observance
SundaySurya (Sun God)Devoted to Sun worship, performing Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), seeking blessings for vitality and spiritual illumination
MondayChandra (Moon God)Observing fasts, performing Moon-related rituals, seeking blessings for emotional well-being and nurturing qualities
TuesdayMangal (Mars)Dedication to Lord Hanuman, observing fasts, performing rituals for courage and protection, seeking blessings for strength
WednesdayBudh (Mercury)Chanting mantras, studying scriptures, seeking blessings for intelligence, communication skills, and success in education
ThursdayBrihaspati (Jupiter)Worshiping Lord Vishnu, performing ceremonies, observing fasts, seeking blessings for wisdom, prosperity, and spiritual growth
FridayShukra (Venus)Devoted to Goddess Lakshmi, performing rituals for love, beauty, and abundance, seeking blessings for harmony and prosperity
SaturdayShani (Saturn)Observing fasts, performing rituals for pacifying Saturn, seeking blessings for discipline, patience, and overcoming obstacles

Please note that the significance mentioned above is a general interpretation. Specific religious observances and practices may vary based on individual beliefs, customs, and regional traditions. It is advisable to consult with a knowledgeable priest or follow the guidance of your tradition for specific religious observances and rituals associated with each day of the week.


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