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Chart of 11 Karana and is the auspiciousness of activities

Here’s a chart showing the 11 Karanas and their auspiciousness for activities:

KaranaAuspicious Activities
BavaAuspicious for starting new ventures, seeking blessings for success, financial transactions, spiritual practices
BalavaSuitable for introspection, meditation, self-reflection, and spiritual practices
KaulavaAuspicious for business activities, trade, financial transactions, seeking blessings for material prosperity
TaitilaSuitable for introspection, meditation, self-reflection, spiritual practices
GarijaAuspicious for creative endeavors, artistic pursuits, performing rituals, seeking blessings for inspiration
VanijaFavorable for business-related activities, trade, financial transactions, seeking blessings for prosperity
VishtiAvoid starting new ventures, important decisions, focus on spiritual practices, self-reflection
ShakuniCaution in activities, avoiding conflicts or arguments, focus on spiritual practices, self-reflection
ChatushpadaSuitable for important tasks, planning, organizing, seeking blessings for stability and progress
NagaFavorable for healing rituals, seeking blessings for health and well-being, spiritual practices
KimstughnaAvoid starting new ventures or activities, focus on introspection, self-reflection

Please note that the activities mentioned above are general interpretations, and the auspiciousness may vary based on individual beliefs, customs, and regional practices. It is advisable to consult with a knowledgeable astrologer or follow the guidance of your tradition for specific auspicious activities based on the Karana.


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