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The general concept of planetary transits and progressions in the birth chart

In a birth chart, planetary transits refer to the current positions of the planets in the sky and their interactions with the planets in the natal chart. Transits occur as the planets continue their movement through the zodiac, forming aspects (conjunctions, oppositions, trines, squares, etc.) with the natal planets. These transits can trigger certain energies, events, or changes in a person’s life, depending on the nature of the planets involved and the aspects they form.

On the other hand, progressions involve advancing the positions of the planets in the birth chart over time. This advancement is based on a symbolic rate, such as one day for each year of life in secondary progressions or the Sun’s arc distance in solar arc progressions. By progressing to the natal planets, astrologers can gain insights into the evolving energies and experiences that a person may encounter throughout their lifetime. Progressions offer a more gradual and internalized perspective on personal growth, psychological development, and life events.

The combination of planetary transits and progressions provides a dynamic and multi-dimensional understanding of a person’s life journey. Transits reveal the current influences and potential events happening in the present, while progressions offer a symbolic unfolding of life experiences and personal growth over time. Astrologers interpret the interactions between transiting and progressed planets in relation to the natal chart to provide a comprehensive analysis of the astrological influences at play in a person’s life.

To visualize this concept, you can imagine a birth chart at the center, representing the positions of the planets at the time of birth. Around the birth chart, you would draw the current positions of the transiting planets to see which areas of the birth chart they are interacting with. Additionally, you can create separate progressions charts by advancing the positions of the natal planets according to the chosen progression method. These progressions charts can be displayed alongside the birth chart to observe the evolving energies and potential life events indicated by the progressed planets.

Keep in mind that consulting with a professional astrologer or using specialized astrology software can provide more accurate and detailed visual representations of planetary transits and progressions in a birth chart.


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