Celestial Wisdom and Cosmic Guidance

Lesson 3: The Influence of Planetary Placements in Vedic Astrology

Unveiling Planetary Influences: Decoding the Impact of Planetary Placements

Introduction: In our previous lessons, we explored the zodiac signs and their connection to personality traits. Now, we will turn our attention to the planets and their placements in the birth chart. The positions of the planets at the time of birth have a profound impact on various aspects of our lives. In this lesson, we will delve into the significance of planetary placements and their influence. Let’s begin!

  1. The Sun (Surya):
  1. The Moon (Chandra):
  1. Mercury (Budha):
  1. Venus (Shukra):
  1. Mars (Mangala):
  1. Jupiter (Guru):
  1. Saturn (Shani):
  1. Rahu and Ketu:
PlanetExaltation SignExaltation Degree RangeDebilitation SignDebilitation Degree RangeMoolatrikona SignMoolatrikona Degree Range
SunAries0° – 10°Libra0° – 10°Leo0° – 20°
MoonTaurus3° – 27°Scorpio3° – 27°Cancer4° – 20°
MarsCapricorn28° – 30°Cancer28° – 30°Aries0° – 12°
MercuryVirgo15° – 20°Pisces15° – 20°Gemini16° – 20°
JupiterCancer5° – 15°Capricorn5° – 15°Sagittarius0° – 10°
VenusPisces27° – 30°Virgo27° – 30°Libra0° – 15°
SaturnLibra20° – 30°Aries20° – 30°Aquarius0° – 20°
RahuTaurus20° – 30°Scorpio20° – 30°Aquarius0° – 20°
KetuScorpio20° – 30°Taurus20° – 30°Scorpio0° – 20°

Please note that the degree ranges mentioned above are approximate and can vary slightly in different astrological systems or interpretations.

Conclusion: In this lesson, we explored the influence of planetary placements in Vedic astrology. Understanding the impact of each planet’s placement in the birth chart allows us to gain valuable insights into different areas of our lives. In the next lesson, we will delve into the significance of aspects and how they shape our astrological interpretations. Prepare for a deeper understanding of celestial dynamics!


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